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Basic Charges
less than 65x65 more than 65x65 ____________
Meandering .0125 x total inches .0125 x total inches ____________
Individual block work add 15.00 add 30.00 ____________
Pantograph add 25.00 add 50.00 ____________
Quilters Thread light quilting add 5.00 add 10.00 ____________
Quilters Thread Heavy Quilting add 10.00 add 15.00 ____________
Pro Stitcher Work add 40.00 add 80.00 ____________
Total for Quilting = _________________
Feel free to print out and do an estimate. minimum $35



1)You provide the batting. (May be purchased at Quilters Depot)

2) You provide the backing. (Check out Quilters Depot wide selection of 108" wide fabrics!)

3)All quilt tops and backings must be ironed and hung on a hanger to keep from wrinkling. I do not iron! lol

4)Please have the top of each piece pinned with a safety piece so that I know what is the top. This will enable you to make sure you have enough backing and batting. This includes the Batting!

5)Please have 2 to 3 inches of extra backing and batting on all sides of the quilt!

6)All strings should be cut before giving to Jennifer for Quilting.

7)If you had to piece your backing please use a half inch seam and have it pressed open.

You will meet with Jennifer before she accepts the quilt to go over what you want done and her ideas.

Binding is not included in the quilting! DO NOT EXPECT JUST TO DROP OFF THE QUILT. YOU MUST MEET WITH JENN AND HAVE COMPLETED THE ABOVE 7 STEPS! If you do not Jenn reserves the right to not accept the quilt! If you do not complete the above steps there will be an additional charge of $15/quilt for any pre work Jenn has to do!



I do not accept quilts until I am almost ready to quilt them. Working full time at the bank and at the store my quilting time is limited to one day a week at the most. In the past when I have sent quilts out you never knew when yours would be quilted or how long the wait would be. My philosophy is I have a waiting list of who is next to be quilted. When I have you bring your quilt in I will tell you when I will be quilting it and how long it will be. I will not hold your quilt for six months before getting to it. That is my promise. That however, does make it that I will put you on a waiting list to bring your quilt in. To contact me to discuss any of this email me @ the stores email or call or stop in the store for more information. I am there most evenings and on Saturdays. See home page for store hours. WE DO NOT ACCEPT DROP OFF OF QUILTS UNLESS JENN IS IN THE STORE AND THE ABOVE MENTIONED ITEMS HAVE BEEN DONE! IF YOU ARE NOT READY WHEN CALLED YOU WILL BE MOVED TO THE BOTTOM OF THE WAITING LIST! RUSH ORDERS ADD $50 TO THE PRICE QUOTED!

If the quilt is smaller than 100x100 I will do it on my home machine which is a Handiquilter 16

If the quilt is larger than 100x100 I will have to block off time to use the store's Handiquilter Fusion.

I have been quilting for a 5 years as of Januar 2015. I do have some examples in the store of my quilting. (most of my work has been given away in gifts or to the person I have quilted for.)

In the future if you would like to have a design automatically done by the pro stitcher there will be other additional charges included reservation time on the fusion. Contact Jenn for more information.


Contact Jenn:

Quilters Depot 4160 Library Rd Castle Shannon Pa 15234

Phone: 412-308-6236




What you need to know and do before dropping off a quilt:
How Jenn accepts Jobs/Waiting list/Misc Info